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Museums have traditionally been the stewards of our collective heritage. They build, manage and exhibit unique collections and make these relevant to current and future generations. In this way, they provide society with a relevant cultural and historical context. In the dynamic of the 21st century, museum managers are increasingly expected to be cultural entrepreneurs. Cultural entrepreneurship is expressed in many ways, including the way one treats one’s premises.
After all, property is a strategic business asset that can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of one’s primary process and to sustainable operations in general.

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Hands-on integral solutions

Royal HaskoningDHV has global experience in designing and optimising the value of museums, theatres and other cultural centres. Most cultural institutions require specific building performance in terms of indoor climate, security, structural design, crowd control, lighting and/or acoustics. With our extensive technical expertise and international experience, we can enable you to strike the right balance between costs, quality and risks. With our hands-on knowledge of advanced museum solutions, you will be surprised what the possibilities are to make a great museum design work optimally.

arts & cultures international – Certified approach

Certified approach
in the buildings
life cycle

Most buildings and installations have a limited lifespan. Furthermore, changes in the way they are used or new legal requirements may demand certain changes. By integrating knowledge of museum operation in the design, and monitor your museum once realized, you can safeguard the continuity of your building performance. At Royal HaskoningDHV, we work with a certified process approach for optimal management of the performance, costs and risks of your property throughout its lifecycle. This allows you to make carefully considered decisions that align with present and future developments.



Innovative and sustainable technologies

Royal HaskoningDHV enjoys an international reputation in the fields of security, acoustics, indoor climate and structural design. For museums, for example, we use patented, energy-saving technologies that optimise climate conditions for conserving art objects while retaining a comfortable indoor climate for visitors. We also specialise in realising high-quality acoustic performance in both heritage and ultra-modern theatres which present challenges in terms of design and/or location.




arts & cultures international – Shanghai Boijmans


Sustainable Shanghai Natural
History Museum

The Shanghai Natural History Museum is one of China’s largest museums of natural sciences, presenting the history of ancient animals, human history and the evolution of animals and plants. The unusual design represents the harmony between man and nature and gathers modern technologies, sustainable structures, distilling landscapes and creative building materials. Royal HaskoningDHV applied the most advanced building energy simulation technology to comprehensively study the original design of the Shanghai Natural Museum. By using multiple energy saving techniques, including tunnel air supply, automatic electrical controlled shading system, natural ventilation and the combination of geothermal heat pump, the energy consumption of the museum is significantly reduced. The final objective for this project: LEED Gold certification.

Modern depot for
Boijmans van Beuningen

When a temporary lack of space proves an obstacle to a museum that is keen to display its collection to the public, a modern and interactive open depot building is the perfect solution. Royal HaskoningDHV is contributing to the design and safety of the new, ultra modern Collection Building.


The aim is not to create a facility behind the scenes for restoration work and storage, but a hyper-modern open depot building where the public can see what’s going on and admire the artworks. Interactively. With just a few actions, the museum visitor should gain a good insight into what’s in and what goes on in the depot. Safety and security play a crucial role, but have been incorporated into the structural design wherever possible. Thus the depot can genuinely be part of the ‘open’ Boijmans van Beuningen museum.

arts & cultures international – Shaded Dome

Shaded Dome®:
a unique concept

Travelling exhibitions have already demonstrated their usefulness in many parts of the world. In a travelling exhibition, the optimal conservation of the artworks must also be guaranteed. Royal HaskoningDHV understand this challenge and developed the Shaded Dome®, in close collaboration with ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects and PolyNed.


The patented dome is a semi-permanent facility, including an air-supported, environmentally controlled dome in which a pleasant microclimate is created. The integration of design elements and microclimate provides a comfortable indoor environment for both the exhibition and its visitors and is efficient in material use, re-usable and self-supporting in energy needs. The Shaded Dome® combines precious exhibitions, contemporary architecture and sustainability in one unique concept.


arts & cultures international – Antwerpen Den Haag


Optimal art preservation for the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp requires high-end climate control of the art works, to ensure that the collection can be conserved and displayed for future generations to enjoy. For this purpose, Royal HaskoningDHV developed an innovative ventilation concept, achieving significant energy savings at the same time.


The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp is housed in a building dating from 1890, which urgently needed a full-scale renovation. A new climate control method, referred to as ‘object climate controle’, is a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for creating an accurately climatised ‘curtain’. The new climate control technology ensures that precious works of art are conserved. At the same time, energy consumption is significantly reduced, avoiding the need to climatise the entire museum building. And, equally importantly, this ensures that the climate is pleasant for visitors too.

Innovative climate system
for gemeentemuseum
The Hague

Transforming the courtyard into an attractive central meeting place. That was one of the wishes of The Hague municipal museum which was achieved in early 2014. Glass roofing has made the courtyard accessible in all seasons and the museum’s service has been expanded.


During the renovation, Royal HaskoningDHV was responsible for acoustics, construction engineering and installation engineering. With a relatively minor intervention, the Gemeentemuseum managed to add a significant, flexible space to the museum. In order to keep the high glazed space climatised in a stable, draught-free and homogenous way, the innovative BaOpt principle was applied in the courtyard garden. With no ‘noise’ from air ducting and ventilation grids, this system made a significant contribution to a high-end architectural look and feel. Whether the space is filled to capacity or has a single visitor, the experience will always be enjoyable both in terms of acoustics and interior climate.

arts & culture international – Rijksmuseum

Climate control and security Rijksmuseum
is a masterpiece

After its comprehensive renovation, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam not only looks amazing, it has also been fitted with state-of-the-art technology for climate control, lighting, security and sustainability. Supported by Royal HaskoningDHV’s expertise, the Rijksmuseum is now ready for excellent museum management during the coming decades. The entire installation system is dedicated to protect and conserve the valuable art collection and that of the visitors.

Improved daylight penetration was an essential aspect of the renovation. To make maximum use of daylight for the illumination of the artworks, for example, an innovative computer program controls the lighting and the blinds. All measures are invisible yet highly effective. Take the so-called energy ring under the building and the heat and cold storage system, which produces significant energy savings. And visitors are virtually unaware of the sophisticated new security measures.

arts & cultures international – Nemo en Taiwan


Effective monitoring for Science Center NEMO in Amsterdam

Sustainable performance and improved comfort thanks to optimal deployment of technical systems. As the strategic partner of the NEMO science and technology museum, this is one of the challenges which Royal HaskoningDHV helps tackle.


We combine our knowledge of technical systems with monitoring system performance. Based on our findings, we canintroduce continuous improvements. The result: lower energy consumption by the systems, fewer breakdowns and improved visitor comfort. Monitoring minimises the risks associated with art conservation.

Flexibility for optimal acoustics in Taipei Performing Arts Center, Taiwan

Optimal acoustics and maximum flexibility. That was the challenge facing Royal HaskoningDHV as the party responsible for the acoustic design of the Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan. There was a single purpose: in each space, the sound quality must be sublime in order to leave an unforgettable impression with the visitors.


From opera to drama or traditional theatre: the acoustics can be customised for each performance. Royal HaskoningDHV will continue to be involved as a consultant to monitor the acoustic concept.